Multispectral Images

Blenheim_Attic301-A1A2_N_N_PCA - pc02-pc03-pc05-pc08_PCAN-1--3_RGB

Image from a water damaged section of the attic using multispectral imaging

The Historic Blenheim Multispctral Imaging Project was funded by a National Park Service National Center for Preservation Technology and Training Grant. Work provided by the grant built on an initial pro bono proof of concept test by R.B. Toth Associates to photograph Historic Blenheim using multispectral imaging for preservation and conservation efforts. Multispectral imaging takes advantage of different wavelenghts of light to expose features on the walls that may not be readily visible. Images have helped identify names and drawings as well as provide critical information for conervation evaluation and efforts.

The Reference Documents page includes a technical overview of the equipment, filters used, and processing used for the sets, or stacks, of images. The primer on this page is also found there as well as on the main page for each floor to offer a key to the information in each item title.



If you are interested in a specific area of the house, browse item sets as the images are on this site individually and grouped as set defined by the room, section of the room and TIF or processed images.

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