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Multispectral Imaging makes use of visible and not visible wavelengths of light to analyze a medium. At Historic Blenheim, we are using it to both study the Civil War graffiti and understand who and what it represents, and to better understand the condition of the house for conservation. The images illuminate otherwise obscured writings, drawings and musing of the Union soldiers who came through Blenheim in 1862 and 1863. They are also offering conservationists information on the materials and their condition as the site is working equally to stabilize the house and interior walls and to protect the graffiti 

The Read Me document provides an in-depth description of the process of multispectral imaging and a key to understanding file names and descriptions. The primer is guide to the naming conventions and a reference for how each set of images is designated within the house, by room, region, and section. The Key document is a map of the house and relevant sections, along with the primer, are also on the main pages for each floor.

Read Me for NCPTT Grant

Read Me Document

Blenheim Images Primer

Primer on Imagery and Naming Conventions

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