Signatures and Soldiers

Signatures, unit identification, commentary and pictographs are located on the first,  second and attic level of the house. The attic level, due to the walls and ceilings not being painted since 1859, hosts the clearest images overall. Some have been obscured by water damage and damage from earthquake.  The first and second floor walls have been covered with layers of paint, wallpaper and repair patches of plaster since the c. mid-1860s.  Conservators have removed paint and wallpaper to reveal graffiti in umerous rooms, but the lgibility varies to to wallscraping, patching, water damage,  and earthquake damage .

Researchers identified twenty-five different unit named on the walls at Blenheim, although two of them lack corresponding signatures.

6th U.S. Cavalry, Company H and 1st Maryland Light Artillery, Company B are both represented without a recognizable soldier's signature.



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