Third Floor Attic

The most well- preserved signatures, musings and drawings are in attic. Although the Willcoxons covered the graffiti on the first and second floors, which were the main living spaces, the attic was left untouched. As the attic cannot be opened to the public due to fire safety issues, Room 302 is reproduced to scale in the Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim.

Multispectral imaging brought to life a signature and drawing on the chimney in Room 301. Water damage and cracking probably related to a 2011 earthquake largely obscured Christian Spiegel’s signature, unit identification and drawing of himself visiting a patient. The information gained aids in the research by both preservationist and conservationists, offering clues as to the stability of the plaster and extent of damage.

Image of Civil War Interpretive Center at Historic Blenheim

Attic Reproduction at the  Civil War Interpretive Center

The images are sorted by room and section. The thumbnail for each section links to item sets for the section. Each image is also available as an item, however due to the number of images, they are organized in groups for convenience. A presentation on multispectral imaging and the primer are provided below for quick reference. More detail is located in the Reference Documents page.

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